Art in Public Places

The City of Miami Beach Art in Public Places (AiPP) dedicates 15 percent of the 1.5 percent generated by all new public art allocations to a conservation and maintenance fund that is used for specialized tasks required to restore and/or maintain works of art in its collection. The AiPP Office is responsible for the maintenance and conservation of art work acquired under the City's AiPP program. AiPP staff conducts annual inspections and report on each works of art in the City's collection, including the present condition of the artwork and recommendations regarding maintenance and repair. When applicable, inspection is performed by an art conservator.

AiPP staff and the agency responsible for facility maintenance surrounding a particular artwork will agree on the duties of each agency. This prevents neglect but damaging maintenance by unprofessional staff.


Carlos Alves, Save Our Oceans, March 2014
Dan Graham, Morris', September 2015
Ellen Lanyon, Miami Metamorphoses, December 2008
Connie Lloveras, Circle, April 2013
Charles O. Perry, untitled, December 2014
Tobias Rehberger, obstinate lighthouse, May 2015
Wendy Wischer, Liquid Measures, July 2015


Robert Juarez, Bringing the Beach Inside, Spring 2017
Roy Lichtenstein, Mermaid, Fall 2016
Jim Morrison, Celebration of Lights, Summer 2016
Tobias Rehberger, eloquent south pointe park pier gate, Fall 2017